Call Flow Solutions

VoIP Business Phone Systems
Made Easy

  • 30 Minute Simplified Process
  • Any combination of desk phones, tablets, or mobile apps in a single design free of charge
  • Save precious time with a single discovery call
One Company. One Solution. Three Easy Phases.

Navigating You to the Perfect
Office Phone System Design

  • Discovery
    • 30 minute Whiteboarding session free of charge
    • Walk us through your vision of how your call flow should work
    • Discuss needs for your industry.
  • Design your Call Flow
    • Our Engineers will design 3 to 5 options for Demos
    • We’ll Only Schedule Our Short List of Recommendations
    • Collaborative Efforts or Templated Implementations Available
  • White - Glove Execution
    • Once a decision is made we will guarantee the lowest possible price
    • Our project managers will execute the design
    • Our amazing “white glove” process to ensures smooth implementation

Vendors We Work With

PBX Systems Designed By
Call Flow Experts

You're an Expert at Your Business,
We Are Experts in Phones
We Are Experts in VoIP

More on Our Process
  • 40 Years Combined Experience

    40 Years Combined Experience

  • Team of IT
    Specialists and Engineers

    Team of IT
    Specialists and Engineers

  • A Solution You Can
    Use For the Next 10 Years

    A Solution You Can
    Use For the Next 10 Years

Directing You to the Most Fitting
Business Phone System Vendor

Incoming Call

Your 1st impression. Let’s make sure we emphasize the brand and culture


Let’s make sure your callers get to the right place as easy as possible


How are we setting up your sales calls?

Setup Sales
Group Queue

Round Robin? Ring all phones at once? Let’s design the best way for your sales people to connect with prospects!

Transfer to Sales
Agent in Queue
Is Sales Agent
Customer Service

Let’s create a flow for the best customer service flow

Setup Customer
Service Queue

Let’s design the highest customer service experience with the staff you have that day.

Transfer to CS
agent in Queue

Transfer internally? Outside transfer to cell phone? Take a voice mail? Send a Text?

Is CS Agent

Let’s make sure we connect callers with the right person

Press # then
last name

Present flow options on finding the right contact.

Transfer to
Is Person

Small Business Call Flow

Call flow diagram

Technical Tier 1 Support

Call flow diagram

Toll Free Number Setup

Clients that Love
Call Flow Solutions

Patrick and his team have our thanks!

Callflow designs made what I thought to be a painfull process, into a very well planned and executed project. They helped map our how our sales calls were answered, but also provided an easy way to keep recordings for disputes. Patrick and his team have our thanks!

Steven Wiggins

IT director - manufacturing

You guys do a really good job

I run an e-commerce site and needed help on choosing a phone system. They were able to create a system that was entirely on my mobile phone, no setup fee or long term contract, and even had an actor record my greeting! Now all calls that come in are logged into my CRM so I have everything logged automatically and can build my e-mail and SMS list.

Felicia’s World


Highly recommended!

Callflow designs were able to help my small staff choose a phone system to reach all our sales staff remotely, but ring in the office for our customer service and admin staff. Most helpful was the ability for us to only have 1 meeting, 3 options, and they handled the process from beginning to end. Highly recommended!

Go Technology – GPS Tracking

Keenan Dixon - Owner

Free Phone System Consultation

Call Flow Solution Project Statistics


Phone system


VoIP Phone
systems designs


Whiteboarding sessions




Number of

Call Flow Solutions

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Yes ! We guarantee the lowest possible cost, the best terms, and an amazing experience. We will not take on any projects we cannot do well. We would rather refer another firm than risk our reputation

Why is The Service Free of Charge?

We do not charge for our expertise and call flow designs. We work with the vendors as a referral partner and will guarantee the lowest possible cost.

What Experience Does Your Team Have?

All of our resources were once leaders from Phone System manufacturers such as Mitel, Verizon, ATT, Ring Central, and Avaya. We have over 40 years of combined experience and can guide you thru the strength and weaknesses of each system.

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