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Call Flow Optimization Boosts Customer Satisfaction

January 27, 2021
call flow optimization and reliable business phone service boost customer satisfaction

Call Flow Design and VoIP Phone System for Central Restaurant- Case Study

An intelligently designed call flow and call process diagram detailed how the call should be handled and provide answers to other call scenarios that allow customer service agents to respond to any type of calls with ease, thus promoting quick resolution and better customer experience, and improved business efficiency.

This case study from DialPad features Central Restaurant. Learn how an optimized call flow and a reliable VoIP business phone system enable this company to achieve operational excellence and boost customer satisfaction.

Company Profile:

Central Restaurant is a large-scale distribution company that focuses on food service equipment and supplies. Founded in 1981, the company endeavors to provide individualized solutions, offering insights into the latest trends in the foodservice industry and providing customized resources to help their customer achieve their business goals.   

With its main office located in Indianapolis, Central Restaurant currently operates remotely with sales and support happening over the phone. 

The Challenging Call Flow and Phone Infrastructure

For years, Central Restaurant is constantly looking for ways to improve its business phone infrastructure and call process while identifying opportunities for future scalability. With its sales and support operation relying heavenly on the phone, poor call quality and dropped calls affect the way they deliver to their customers. Thus, they needed a more reliable service to help them achieve operational excellence and drive a positive customer experience. 

call flow optmization enhances customer experience

Reliable Business Phone Service 

DialPad introduced DialPad Talk, a reliable business phone service powered by advanced cloud technology. This VoIP phone system makes crystal-clear calls with 100% serviceability and offers additional data and analytics features that allow Central Restaurant to better understand how the business is performing, analyze call volumes, wait times, see who’s placing the most calls, and more. 

“When you put all the call center analytics together, it’s incredible. We start to see things we didn’t see before.”– Nat Norris | VP of Marketing and IT at Central Restaurant

Call Flow Optimization

A sophisticated call flow was designed for Central Restaurant. This optimized call center process provided a flexible setup and routes customers to the right person at the right time. 

“The call centerpiece has been phenomenal. It’s a big upgrade from where we were before.”Nat Norris VP of Marketing and IT at Central Restaurant

Key takeaways

Central Restaurant was able to improve its customer experience through a reliable business phone service, robust call center features, flexible call flow set up, and detailed call analytics. 


Achieve operational excellence with a sophisticated call flow and reliable phone service. Schedule a meeting now and let us help you find the perfect office phone system. 


*This article Central Restaurant was originally published on the DialPad Customers page.

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