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Cloud Phone System for Global Workforce

May 21, 2021
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How a Company with a Global Workforce Works Better with Cloud-Based Communications Solution

The high-Tech company, Attraqt, has grown into a global workforce of 150 after being founded in 2003. It needed flexibility in its communication environment to better serve over 300 clients. Finally, they landed into RingCentral’s cloud phone system to connect their staff with phone and video meeting solutions – precisely what the company needs!

The following article discusses how having frictionless communication is vital in collaboration and Attraqt’s growth.

Do you have a global workforce? RingCentral might work best for you with its cloud-based phone systems! Connect with us and see how we can upgrade your business phone system.

How Attraqt Empowers Exceptional Shopping Experiences

Fredhopper was founded in 2000, while Locayta, three years later. Both companies have become instrumental in pioneering the creation of the eCommerce industry. A decade later, Locayta became Attraqt and, at the same time, became a public company through its listing on AIM.

Immersion of Fredhopper and Locayta

With the two companies having the same immense values and experiences, they decided to come together in 2017 to bring better structure, scale, and the ability to use smart data. This enables the world’s leading brands to optimize their eCommerce performance.

A couple of years later, they continue to strengthen their mission by acquiring Early Birds and its award-winning XO or the Experience Orchestrator, an AI-driven personalization platform. The aim was to power further innovation, scalability, and growth for the company. Because of the acquisitions, the company became a powerhouse with best of breed brand and technology strengths. With in-depth experience and knowledge in the e-commerce industry, Attraqt became the world’s leading expert in merchandising-led shopping.

Attraqt’s Purpose

The company’s primary purpose is to enable the world’s leading brands and retailers to deliver the best online shopping experiences, which they promise to achieve by smart automation and creative control. Its management and staff are its assets too. They can develop the right strategy that comes with an innovative, disruptive mindset and the desire to go further.

Attraqt’s Partners

Another winning ingredient that makes Attraqt one of the best in offering eCommerce solutions is its partnership and collaboration with trusted and stable platforms in the world. Here are some of them:

  • BigCommerce is a cloud eCommerce platform best for an established and rapidly growing business.
  • commercetools is a next-generation software company that provides the building blocks for modern digital commerce.
  • Magento provides a platform with lots of features, flexibility, and control over the presentation and content.
  • Shopifyplus+ is one of the most-used platforms to scale up an online business.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud focuses on getting businesses closer to their customers by delivering a great experience at every point.
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud empowers businesses by focusing on brand differentiation.
  • Netsuite SuiteCommerce, with its transparent pricing, provides superior ROI with its comprehensive web, mobile, and social commerce suite.
  • Elastic Path allows template-less eCommerce to be integrated as middleware into Enterprise ERP systems.
  • IBM Commerce Cloud delivers buying experience with cross-channel commerce consistently.
  • Aptos is the largest provider of enterprise software, with retail as their main focus.

Meanwhile, their integration and consulting partners ensure seamless delivery of the eCommerce solution. Their partners include the following: Conversation Maker, Foryouandyourcustomers, Wunderman, Cognizant, User Conversion, LiveArea, Ampersand, Tacit Knowledge, E2X, Tudock, Space 48, AyataCommerce, 5874 Commerce, Like Digital, Alignment, Amblique, Greenlight Commerce, Verbal+Visual and Practicology. These are the best in the network of integration partners that ensure the delivery of the full benefits of Attraqt’s solution most effectively and efficiently.

With businesses wanting to optimize experiences, conversions, and increase revenue, putting a hundred percent on the user experience for all kinds of eCommerce businesses is Attraqt’s leading service with the help of the above partners. It starts from the shopper journey, user experience, and efficient merchandising. Its clients include ASOS, Kurt Geiger, Paul Smith, Harvey Nichols, The North Face, Timberland, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Wanted: A Phone Infrastructure Upgrade

With over 300 leading brands around the world relying on Attraqt’s cloud-based e-commerce and data analytic tools, its workforce is in need of reliable communications solutions. The company expanded its offices outside the UK, from Australia to the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, and France. Thus, the need for a reliable partner to take care of their business phone system needs. Attraqt needed the phone infrastructure upgrade.

The Challenge for Attraqt

In recent years, Attraqt CIO David Phillips reiterated that the company has long adopted a cloud-only policy for any kind of technology deployment. At that time, the company was using the PBX phone system in all locations without any central management and mobile app, which can’t permit its staff to remote work without the expensive handset and license.

Another challenge that the company was facing as many of their employees spends a lot of time on the road. Their business numbers were tied into physical landlines, thus giving out their cell phone numbers for work. The employees didn’t appreciate this and couldn’t project the professional image that the company wanted.

Like any other challenges Attraqt faced in the past, the problem became the perfect opportunity to finally upgrade its business phone system. These factors allowed Attraqt to migrate both its system and video conferencing to a single cloud-based phone system.

It was also the perfect time because their telecom contract was up for renewal. There was also the plan to move their London headquarters into a new space. The company did not want to invest or manage any local hardware to know that they still need to improve their communication environment.

Phillips also highlighted the desire to give the worldwide staff more flexibility and provide them the way to be more responsive to customers. Again, it was the perfect opportunity to apply Attraqt’s cloud-only policy n their telecommunications which they enthusiastically seized.

Cloud Phone System for Global Workforce - A Case Study featuring RingCentral's Cloud Based Phone System.

Full-Featured Solution by RingCentral

David Phillips has done a lot of research which finally landed them into Cloud Phone Systems. Here are the considerations that made RingCentral the best business phone system choice for Attraqt:

  • RingCentral works seamlessly.
    There were many other solutions, but they require a lot of add-ons. With RingCentral offering an advanced features solution, there is no need to have third-party products for any single function that they need. RingCentral has it all!
  • RingCentral saves the company money.
    Because it is unnecessary to pay third-party products that Attraqt used to spend so much for, such as their overseas answering services, Attraqt can save a lot of money in the business phone system.
  • RingCentral has robust functionality.
    The other cloud phone system that Phillips found looks like a little more than the hosted version of the old on-prem phone system they used to have. Unfortunately, it did not make the cut because they don’t have robust functionality. RingCentral is the opposite – it ticks everything the company needs in running a company with a global workforce.
  • RingCentral offers a flexible and frictionless communication environment.
    With RingCentral, Attraqt’s employees can now use their mobile devices and laptops for calls without using their private numbers. The staff can only access their work anywhere and host a video conference that the same integrated cloud phone system environment. Remote teams is now possible, especially during the pandemic where work from home arrangement was needed.
  • RingCentral Meetings are the best.
    With RingCentral Meetings, staff can now use the screen-sharing feature, on-screen annotation, and the option to record meetings. There is also an ability to set up a conference even if the house is not present. That means a representative from Attraqt can set up reference calls where existing clients and potential clients can communicate.

There is also now less friction during senior leadership meetings. Various executives can be anywhere in the world. It does not matter where they are because they can still connect on any given day and time.


With RingCentral’s all-in-one business communications, running a company with a global workforce is much easier. It offers one work environment for every conversation, whether it’s via message, video, or phone calls. With RingCentral, shipping projects and bringing everyone together have never been easier. This is where work gets done.

RingCentral Helps Attraqt With Efficient Business Acquisitions 

Attraqt has brought new companies into its operations, and RingCentral has consistently helped them every step of the way operation-wise efficiently. David Phillips did not anticipate this benefit, but it was a great help.

Recently the company acquired a French-based AI company, and because of the functions and customer service RingCentral has, Attraqt was able to scale up the business and onboard its staff faster. It wouldn’t have been possible before.

For instance, they could integrate the phone numbers into the system from the headquarters, set new emails, and connect with all the staff instantly. The RingCentral meetings also help in business acquisitions from onboarding, training to speed up the integration into the company.


Do you have a business with a global workforce? The time to switch to a cloud phone system is now, and RingCentral is one of our partners here at Call Flow Solutions.

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