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How to Empower Your Workforce with a Cloud-based VoIP Phone System

April 16, 2021
VoIP phone systems can help businesses provide empowerment to its workforce by giving the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

Workforce Empowerment with a Cloud-based VoIP Phone Service from Nextiva – A Case Study

Running a top ad tech company requires tools that keep the management and staff productive and effective. Competition is challenging, especially in the world of advertising and marketing. Let’s get to know Criteo’s story, a company striving in the marketing industry and how they continue to evolve for the better by choosing a cloud-based VoIP phone system.

Company Profile

In 2005, Criteo was founded in Paris by three great minds: Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Franck Le Ouay, and Romain Niccoli. Five years later, they opened an office in Silicon Valley and, a couple of years after, opened its new headquarters where it all started, Paris, France.

The company’s main product is display advertising, and it has grown so much in the past years with the boom of the internet and digital marketing. The company focuses on displaying interactive banner advertisements based on the online browsing preference of the customer. You’ve probably encountered one of their banners a couple of times if you spend time on the internet.

Top Ad Tech Company

The banners are based on a pay-per-click model to drive traffic to websites where an advertiser would pay the publisher. This system is associated with search engines such as Google Ads, Amazon, and Microsoft Advertising. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have also adopted the system. Here are the products they offer where the aim is to reach customers at every stage of their journey:

  • Criteo Dynamic Retargeting: This product increases conversions by bringing visitors back to the advertiser’s site through personal ads.
  • Connected TV: While the audiences are streaming their favorite content, relevant campaigns will be displayed through CTV ads.
  • Mobile App Advertising: How do you sell your app? One of the ways is through mobile app advertising that boosts engagement and drives conversions.
  • Omnichannel: This product combines in-store and online data to get an idea of their consumer journeys, to deliver a personalized digital advertisement.
  • Web Traffic Generation: This brings new, high-quality audiences to a company’s website through unique shopping intent data and AI technology.
  • Criteo Audience Match: This product accurately targets and re-targets customers with dynamic display ads.
  • Criteo Customer Acquisition: This is a powerful machine that identifies new customers from existing customers through shopping patterns and browsing journeys.
  • Retail Media for Brands: It builds awareness and drives product sales on leading retailer websites.
  • Retail Media for Retailers: If a company prefers to strengthen its brand relationships with an existing, integrated platform, this product is the right fit for them.
  • Criteo Direct Bidder: This is useful if a company wants to keep the full value of every impression that Criteo buys, including standard display, video, and select ad-blocked impression.

Fast forward, Criteo now has 2,600 in their team of global employees and with $900 billion annual eCommerce sales in 2019. They have become a global leader in commerce marketing, serving more than 20,000 leading companies.

Here are some of the famous brands Criteo works with: Sephora, Bemol, Regatta, Webranking, Puma,, and Moda.

Criteo’s Issues with Existing Phone System

Criteo has one goal: to give their employees the flexibility they needed so they can serve their customers and clients from anywhere else in the world. We get to know Pete Ciampa, who works in Boston at the IT service desk. He manages IT for the USA and Brazil. Up until 2016, most of the offices were still using analog phones through Digium.

Criteo is all about growth. The company grows, and the organizations they help also grow. They need an innovative VoIP phone system that evolves and grows with them. Looking at how fast and how far the company has grown, they need a flexible, cloud-based phone system. Unfortunately, Digium was not making it for them. The company outgrew the solution.

The search has begun on which phone system the company is going to switch to. As Boston housed the biggest sales team with the most urgent need for a switch, they focus on what can work for the Boston office.

Ciampa and his team started a business case for a new telecom system. They found different options which went through a strict decision process. They found Comcast, but it was double the price of another competition: Nextiva, who offered the same features. Pete Ciampa reiterated that Nextiva was the most reasonable option.

It was up to the France team to approve Nextiva, as the management there will have the final say. It didn’t take long for them to decide on Nextiva. Then next, the IT team began to implement the transition.

How the Company Transitioned to a VoIP Phone System

All kinds of communication systems are essential in Criteo’s business. The Boston office, in general, would not afford to go on with their working days without talking to their clients. There was no other way but to work on the transition overnight. Ciampa retold that Nextiva sent two sales engineers to do all things necessary, so the company did not have to worry about anything.

It was a non-disruptive and well-thought-out transition. First, the team from Nextiva configured the phone and system a day before the actual switch. It was followed by provisioning existing phones, and technicians installed new ones in the evening while the office was closed.

The transition in Boston went so smoothly that it went off without any issues. The sales staff did not even have the slightest idea of the change until they heard the difference in sound quality. That’s when the team realized that they were now using a new VoIP phone system, especially when all of them can get into their phones simultaneously.

Because Nextiva was flexible in their arrangements, regular business hours were not disrupted at all.

Choose a VoIP phone system that can provide flexibility and support your team even when working remotely.

How Nextiva Becomes the Best Choice for a VoIP Phone System?

Here is a list that made Nextiva the best choice for a VoIP Phone system:

Training the Team About VoIP and Cloud-based Phone System

As part of Nextiva’s service, they also provided sales training the day after installing the new VoIP phone system, ensuring that every staff understands how to use the new telephone system.

Meanwhile, during the onsite installation, the technicians also provided the much-needed general user training and administrator training. The training also included the Nextiva App, which is one of its essential features.

Nextiva’s VoIP Phone Features

Pete Ciampa was glad about Nextiva’s features, especially when the price was so reasonable. When it comes to cloud communications, Nextiva offers the fairest and best option. Compared to what Criteo had before, Pete said that the company did not really have a phone system. While today with Nextiva, Criteo got so many fantastic and helpful features.

We have been in partner with Nextiva, and we couldn’t agree more to Pete’s testimonial. Nextiva has all the office phone system features for every business needs. Here are some of its distinctive features:

  • Nextiva App: You can turn your mobile device into a virtual office. This is perfect for staff who are on the go, as long as the device is connected to an internet connection. The conversations will continue to flow either with your customers, employees, or partners, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Unlimited calls: With Nextiva, there is no need to worry about per-minute charges or calling limits because they offer unlimited calling in North America. Nextiva understands the importance of staying in touch with customers, which is one way to build trust.
  • Unlimited Business Text Messaging: With the Nextiva App, staff can also send and receive unlimited business text messages. This way, employees can stay updated on projects wherever they are in the world.
  • Unlimited Web Conferencing: It works like a conventional meeting, except it used the VoIP phone system. Nextiva also offers advanced tools and solutions that enhance online meetings.
  • Call Analytics: This provides your business access to historical data, which are essential to creative objective business decisions. This data can also help in predicting future business opportunities.
  • Call Recording and Rating: The company can now access call recordings from reports. Management can repetitively listen, rate, share, analyze and organize calls. Having this data can ensure customer satisfaction and business growth.

Exceptional Support Team

When Criteo encounters network issues, the Nextiva Clarity router has been helpful for troubleshooting. The Clarity devices provide a channel for Nextiva to pinpoint any problems and correct them right away. Even prevention works with the Clarity devices, so Pete Ciampa did not have to worry about anything being affected on their end.

Cloud-based VoIP Phone Empowered the Remote Workforce

Fifty sales representatives adopted the feature of having the Nextiva app. They use their cell phones instead of sitting on the desk, and they could make and receive phone calls using their business phone number.

This feature provided the freedom to this staff who could adjust their cellphone caller ID and make it appear that they are still at their desk. These staff quickly caught on because of the training by Nextiva and were able to start the app right away.


Post-pandemic, whether people will return to the office or continue working remotely remains a big debate. Whatever direction your company decides on, you need a reliable business phone system that works for the management, staff, and clients.
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