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Enable Anywhere Sales and Service with DialPad

June 11, 2021
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How to Serve Customers from Anywhere Around the World?

What if you need to serve customers from anywhere? How to make sure you can reach them, offer them your services and products, and provide the best customer experience? This time, we will go through how PlanGrid started their business and how they created a strong brand by empowering anywhere sales and service with the help of Dialpad.

With the availability of technology nowadays, it is possible to reach out to international customers. All it takes is advertising in the right channel, and voila. The challenge, however, is how to keep customers satisfied and keep them coming back.

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Who and What is PlanGrid?

Headquartered in San Francisco, it was founded in December 2011 by construction engineers and software engineers. Later on, it became available for iPad in March 2012, followed by the iPhone app launched in September 2012. The Android app came two years later.

Because of its potential, capability to deal quickly with blueprint changes, aiming at helping the construction industry deal with the costs of paper building plans, it got funded by Seed Round, Sequoia, and Tenaya.

PlanGrid’s CEO, Tracy Young, was also named Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” in 2015. Three years later, Autodesk announced the acquisition of PlanGrid for US$875 million.

PlanGrid is a construction productivity software that replaces paper blueprints. Not only does it provide real-time updates, but also seamless file synchronization over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The collaborative platform is perfect for sharing construction information like field markups, progress photos, and issues tracking.

The comprehensive field and project management software empowers builders with the following:

Project Management

The app helps ensure projects stay on track by improving collaboration and reducing miscommunication, error, and rework.

Quality Management

It tracks all issues in one place that it reduces costly reworks. It also makes sure to keep projects under schedule.

Safety Management

This feature gets all team members to take ownership of site safety by developing easy-to-adopt and repeatable safety programs.

File Management

Builders can manage documents in a centralized data environment and ensure that teams work from the latest models.

What makes PlanGrid so useful are the following features:

  • It gets everyone accesses to all project information.
  • It instantly distributes plans and documents.
  • It completes turnover without losing any data.

Builders love having one platform knowing where they can get all the information under one app. With the acquisition by Autodesk, the company can now offer the following products:

  • Autodesk Build is a comprehensive field and project management software that delivers a broad and connected set of tools for builders.
  • Autodesk BIM Collaborate connects decision-makers and construction teams to manage design reviews and automate model coordination. It also improves design quality and constructibility.
  • Autodesk Takeoff works great in performing accurate 2D takeoffs and generating automated quantities from 3D models.
  • ·        Autodesk Docs refers to a centralized document management solution.

Currently, it is the world’s most downloaded construction app, with a five-star app rating and over 2,700 reviews in the app store. It serves the industry’s biggest contractors and architects.

With its efficiency using mobile and cloud-based tools, there is no wonder how it grew rapidly, that it now deploys a global workforce for sales and service. It serves customers from anywhere around the world and across any device.


The challenges of having three communication system

The Challenge for PlanGrid: Does Having Three Different Phone Systems Work?

The short answer is no.

It should not exist in the first place, even if you have to serve international customers.

Like any other business, even if they are already on top of their game, communication problems still occur. One mistake they committed was relying on three different phone systems, namely RingCentral, Vonage, and Verizon Wireless.

It’s over 200 employees, with 25% of them working remotely, PlanGrid needed a fresh approach in scaling global communications. Having three phone systems means high costs for the company and, of course, substantial IT demands. Having these three systems is complicated for the management and different departments and staff to collaborate. There was also a struggle to serve their customers who are encountering problems while using the app.


Effective Communication with a Global Workforce

Global workforce communication involves sharing ideas, internal communication, and managing projects. There needs to be a solid process in place because having a global workforce does not allow you to just peer over your colleague’s shoulder to check that they got the right document.

The question now is how do you come up with a channel that can ensure smooth and effective communication with a global workforce. To improve global communication, sales and service, it is best to minimize all areas rather than adding more layers for your team. The goal is to make all kinds of communication easier.

Our tip at Call Flow Solutions is to develop digital signage to keep employees engaged. It helps get important messages seen across the team. To do this, a strategic approach is required to help cut through mass communication noise to ensure that your staff gets 100% of the impact.

The benefits of digital signage benefits are real-time announcements. It can be as simple as birthday announcements or essential announcements from the management. It also creates unity within the global workforce.

By having staff who are aware and understand what they need to do, wherever they are in the world, they can provide sales and service from anywhere worldwide. These staff continued to be in touch with the rest of the team, which is a way to promote company culture too.


Enable Anywhere Sales and Service

Empower Anywhere Sales and Service with Dialpad

Dialpad has helped companies such as MarketStar, Jumpcrew, Xero, WeWork, Motorola, and Quora. It has also helped TED and the Financial Times too.

According to Brendan Farrell, the director of IT, for PlanGrid, Dialpad has transformed sales and service for the better. Dialpad helped consolidate three different phone systems into one business communications platform that can work on any device.

This single solution solved a lot of problems for PlanGrid.

Dialpad reduces telephony costs.

There is no need to rely on three phone systems when all the required features can be done by one business phone system. Because the company does not have to pay three different companies anymore, PlanGrid reduced its business communication expenses.

Dialpad saves IT resources.

With the great customer experience provided by Dialpad, PlanGrid does not have to hire additional staff to take care of any technical issues they encounter. The customer service Dialpad offers is perfectly reliable and solves all kinds of issues right away.

Dialpad enables employees to work from anywhere.

Dialpad is a cloud communication platform that lets a global workforce access the necessary tools so that the whole team can seamlessly work from anywhere. With the way remote work is heading, there is no doubt that it is here to stay.


A Unified communication system such as Dialpad offers a host of benefit for your company.

The Benefits of Dialpad to Your Team

Dialpad is a unified communications platform that helps connect staff from different departments via voice, video, messages, and online meetings. It provides a comprehensive suite with advanced features that will help streamline your business communication. These features can also improve a company’s productivity.

Let’s take a look at their features:


Say goodbye to hassle-free deployment. With Dialpad’s ability to provision and manage users with ease and efficiency, your company can switch to the app within a week. From the web portal, user set-up, chrome extension, mobility, the user-friendly interface will make your job easier.

Call Center Productivity

The app takes pride in providing useful tools in addressing challenges that call centers face. This varies from inaccurate reporting to analytics by covering call queue, contact center analytics, call center recording, tracking call history, and customer satisfaction survey.

Calling and Routing

Dialpad offers a range of calling and routing features that will help your business communication improve in and out of your organization, from call forwarding to call park. It takes care of the enterprise phone system, call summary, voice call, call operators, call transfer, caller ID, three-way call, and many more others.


Dialpad also aims to enhance team collaboration. The messaging feature is advance whether SMS, MMS, or group SMS, your team will indeed have fun along. They can create different groups for different apartments – some can be used in talking about business, while others can be used in keeping the company culture by sharing anything else under the sun.

Web Conferencing

You can now make your online meetings better with high-quality audio and video web conferencing. There are plenty of screen-sharing options and can be associated with advanced conference call settings. The web conferencing feature takes care of document sharing, scheduling a recurring conference call, or a conference group chat.


PlanGrid was beyond impressed with what Dialpad brought to their company. In the words of Brendan Farrell, “Dialpad frees us to close deals and chat with prospects on the go.”

Should you make the switch to Dialpad? How can Dialpad help your global workforce serve your international customers? Call Flow Solutions can help direct you to the most fitting business phone system vendor by providing you with our unbiased recommendations on the best business phone systems in the market.

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