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How to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

June 21, 2021
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Many technology companies worldwide can claim that they are “revolutionizing” or “disrupting” their industries. The truth, however, is only a few of these companies are creating entirely new categories of successful tech products, and GTX Global is one of them.

GTX or Techno-X Group is a fast-growing innovator when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) space. They help organizations and individuals in connecting to a fantastic range of physical products to the internet. Over the years since it’s launched, this global company has already connected millions of devices—from outdoor to Security—serving customers in more than 45 countries. Like any other growing company, it has encountered problems with the need to improve the company’s customer service as the main priority. The company has fallen short of delivering good standards of excellence through its customer service.

Let us go through what GTX experienced and how RingCentral has solved the problem. Have you found your company’s customer service to be stagnant? We will also cover other ways on how to improve your company’s customer service.


But First, What Does GTX Global Do?

Through GTX’s subsidiary Vosker, it has developed the world’s first mobile security cameras. It sells devices that transmit data via cellular signal, even without WiFi. GTX’s Vosker app currently provides peace of mind, no matter where you are. With AI, multi-camera access, and full camera control, your security cameras promise security.

There is also another subsidiary called SPYPOINT. The company has created a similar IoT innovation that works great for the hunting community. It is a complete digital scouting system with a cellular-based trail camera.

These kinds of innovations have put GTX on a worldwide customer base. It has also earned a spot on several publications’ lists of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. They also gathered $35 million in investment a year after they sold their first camera. The month after, its revenue exceeded $50 million.

Five months later, the company acquired over a hundred employees to meet the growing demand. By March 2021, the company has consolidated revenue exceeding a hundred million.


Challenges of having an old phone system that didn't support new apps for your customer service team

The Problems with GTX’s Old Call Center Software

Jean-François Boyer, VP of Corporate Development and M&A, highlighted the following problems with GTX’s Old Call Center Software:

It No Longer Made Sense to Outsource Customer Service.

GTX has outsourced its customer service operations to third-party call centers for two years. Despite the company’s beliefs that these call center organizations were already doing their best, the company was convinced that the quality of their services does not meet the expected level they are aiming for. It was simply insufficient.

For example, one of the challenges GTX faced was the department receiving calls that are often very technical, which would require a great deal of expertise. Jean-François Boyer recalled how each time they launched a new IoT product or acquired customers in a new country, their contact center partners struggled to handle those inquiries.

As GTX’s Business Grew, Its Customer Service Needs Also Increased Accordingly

As the company moves towards growth, they realized the need to take the support function in-house—and build its own internal customer service division that can serve its customers better. Boyer also explained, “We’re a tech company, so naturally, our initial focus was on building the right customer service tech stack.” Having internal customer service means fewer issues with communications, especially when they release a new product.

The Old Telephone System Was Priced Too Rigidly.

When GTX researched a business phone system that will work better with the call center solutions, they repeatedly encountered the same problem. The pricing plans offered do not meet the unique needs of the company.

Considering that the business is highly seasonal, which targets the hunting and the other outdoor industries, this means that GTX will need to temporarily increase its customer service staff to as many as 300 agents during peak months and then during the slow parts of the year, it would scale back to 150 or even fewer.

These companies only offer two options: signing up for annual licenses, which meant they would have far more seats than necessary for a lot of the year or monthly charges that would cost more.

Female customer service operator answering a call


RingCentral Call Center Software

Fortunately, GTX found RingCentral, which works as a vendor but also as a technology partner. Being tech innovators themselves, they found RingCentral the best phone system that understands their needs which they realized after beta testing RingCentral’s new features.

What GTX like specifically was the RingCentral Engage Voice. This is a cloud-based CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) solution that blends outbound and inbound services in a unified platform. It also combines voice, chat, and analytics tools that will improve GTX’s customer service department.

Because RingCentral presented GTX with a flexible, logical offer that is tailored to their circumstances, GTX knew they had found the right business phone system partner. It was a done deal.


Why RingCentral is the Right Phone System for Improving Your Company’s Customer Service

Do you have a Customer Service department in your company? If you are trying to add or improve this department, here are the features that RingCentral offers:

Unlimited Video Meetings for Your Business

There are business phone systems out there that only allow a free 40-minute video call. With RingCentral, it is possible to meet all day, for free. And because you can use your device from anywhere else, as long as you have an internet connection, your staff can be making dinner while in a meeting. There is a feature that can mute participants, invite others, screen share, and meeting chats.

Messaging, Video, and Phone – All in One App

RingCentral offers one workspace for every conversation. Through team messaging, work gets done faster by chatting with internal and external teams, sharing files, and creating dedicated threads specifically for any project or topic. Its business phone system is designed to be flexible. With the app, it is possible to set up advanced call routing, manage voicemail and send business texts.

Work with Peace of Mind

You can switch to RingCentral with peace of mind. Its reliability is up to 99.99%, and it is present in over 53 countries. Switching to RingCentral will take less than a week because of the ease of deployment and user-friendly interface that will make the training for your staff quick and efficient. RingCentral also offers enterprise-grade security encrypts in all of your meetings, making it a secured business phone system.


A strong business phone system can help strengthen your internal customer service team

Other Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Aside from jumping into RingCentral, here are other ways on how to improve your company’s customer service:

Learn and Understand the Consumer Journey.

When you understand how your customer is trying to reach you and what they want to achieve, your company can efficiently provide the right step to achieve it.

The Comfort of the Consumer Must Come First.

Part of the consumer journey is the comfort or the level of smoothness on how their problems are solved. It is crucial to go through the ins and outs in every transaction, troubleshooting, and process of buying a product, etc., to find suitable solutions ensuring their comfort.

Be Proactive in Communicating with Customers.

If a customer wants to be constantly updated on the status of their orders, you must find a system that would automate such a system. This will improve consumer engagement experience that will make them feel at ease.

Adapt to New Technology.

Having a tech-savvy approach to customer service can save a lot of time. There are tons of tools out there that can help optimize and improve your customer service department.


Results for GTX After Switching to RingCentral

GTX’s journey with RingCentral has improved the experience for agents and customers. Here are the results that GTX got after switching to RingCentral:

  • RingCentral has significantly improved its call efficiency.
    After integrating the RingCentral Engage Voice platform with the company’s Salesforce account, the customer service team can now bring up a customer’s detailed profile on the agent’s screen before the agent even picks up the call.
    This feature enabled the agent to know which of the products this caller has and the possible issues the customer has had. When the phone starts ringing, the agents can answer confidently and provide steps towards a more satisfactory result. Agents can move more quickly to solve the issue, which would make the customer feel the personalized services as if GTX knows who they are and care about them.
  • RingCentral Helps Boost Agents’ Job Satisfaction Levels.
    By saving GTX’s agents the stress of digging for a caller’s details just to catch up and giving them essential information before they make the call, Boyer also points out that RingCentral Engage Voice is a way to boost agents’ job satisfaction levels.
    Having satisfied customer service agents who find their work more enjoyable definitely improves the business to the extent that GTX can make their agents happy by reducing the stress of their jobs. As Boyer highlighted, it is a valuable end in itself.


Should you make the switch to RingCentral? If you are aiming for a flexible internal customer service division, then the answer is yes! Call Flow Solutions can discuss further, or we can also help direct you to the most fitting business phone system vendor in the market. Schedule a 30-minute discovery call with us.


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