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Improve Remote Team Collaboration with UberConference

May 24, 2021
Improve Remote Team Collaboration with UberConference

How to Empower Your Remote Workers with Dialpad UberConference

If you are an experienced agency like Huge with clients such as Google, Nike, and American Express, you may also want to level up your business phone system to make sure nothing is missed out. What more if you have offices and employees in fifteen different offices around the globe, in different time zones? You also need to find a way to improve remote team collaboration by providing them the best communication tools.

In this article, we will go deeper into the business structure of Huge, their challenges in the existing phone system, and how they solved it with Dialpad UberConference?

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Company Profile:

Huge is a global collective of designers, technologists, and strategists. They help companies build trust with their target customers and eventually become trusted parts of people’s lives. They do it by creating products, services, and brands that people love. Even from the day they started, they’ve always put users at the center of everything they do.

Huge is dedicated to working with companies that are also committed to shaping culture and defining the future. Over the years since 1999, they specialize in helping clients overcome all kinds of barriers to innovation and get to market quickly with the right product, campaign, or initiative for their business.

Huge was the first agency to be founded on user experience principles that should drive design, business, and marketing. They are also known for innovating ways to harmonize the things clients need with what users need. This will help create experiences that change industries.

They sharpened their crafts to make things better for twenty years by creating a sustainable advantage, not based on momentary edge. They have been finding new ways of working as they give themselves the power to turn ideas into the industry’s standards.

Huge’s branding perspective is also interesting, creative, and realistic. They believe that branding must inspire radical change. Their process of experience-led brand strategy and identity design ensures that whatever is created is within the context of real-life products and services.

Global Team of Creatives 

Huge is also proud of their experiential team, which combines expertise in storytelling, experience design, technology, industrial design, and fabrication in defining brand moments. One of their philosophies is that transactions should be more than transactional. The brands they partner with define new products and go-to-market strategies implement these ideas that will reinforce loyalty to the brand.

Here are the four elements of Huge’s business and what makes them successful?

  • Creative: Huge’s team comprises collaborative and creative people with digital and physical experiences that bring value to the users.
  • Data: They create data systems that help businesses understand and predict the patterns of customer behavior later on.
  • Tech: Their very own engineers, strategists, and quality assurance professionals can turn ideas and designs into functional and reliable products. This group of staff is highly collaborative and has constantly pushed the boundaries of what brands can do for their users.
  • Strategy: This capability is their strength, and it covers business consulting and brand planning. Huge help leading organizations succeed in the digital economy and reposition themselves or their brand when necessary.

Currently, they are headquartered in Brooklyn but have more than 1,400 employees working across 12 offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Communication Issues and demand for better connectivity

Since many of Huge’s employees are based in New York City and the rest of its international workforce located in seven different time zones, including the US, UK, Singapore, and Brazil, they struggled to meet the demand for better connectivity. Like many other companies with remote workers, Huge would like to increase remote team collaboration between these countries and time zones.

In the past, with Huge’s previous business office phone system, bringing together a group of people to have a conversation or to collaborate on a project is a struggle. Something would always go wrong with obstacles turning up everywhere. For example, employees would need to remember the correct phone number and PIN and share files separately.

Aside from worrying about the job itself, the staff would also encounter communication issues that would disrupt the creative process. The IT Director of Huge, Brandon Oliver’s responsibility was to remove the friction and bridge IT and technology gaps so that employees could focus on what is most important, which is doing work for the clients.

Remote Team Collaboration Made easy with UberConference - Conference call

Improve Remote Team Collaboration with Dialpad UberConference

Upon researching what would be the best for remote team collaboration, the company found Dialpad UberConference.

Dialpad UberConference provides frictionless communication for Huge’s remote employees.

The staff can access seamless conference calls and screen-sharing directly from their web browser or mobile phone with this tool.

Dialpad UberConference saves the company a lot of money.

The management noticed how the engagement went up, and at the same time, the cost went down. IT Director Brandon Oliver highlighted how the company saved tens of thousands of dollars every month – over 80% of the annual expenses were saved related to conferencing technology.

Dialpad UberConference empowers remote workers from different time zones.

Whether visiting a Miami site, traveling to their office in the Middle East, or working at the headquarters, the employees can now use Dialpad UberConference to coordinate projects with creatives wherever they are in the world. Since deploying, the company has leaped forward in connecting its people internally and their people to their clients and partners. With this efficient tool, Huge has been leading the industry in empowering its creative remote workers.

What is Dialpad UberConference?

Now that we read how Dialpad UberConference helped Huge let’s have a look at the features it has.

In big companies that often need collaboration, high-definition video meetings are ideal for remote workers. It provides the feeling of having a meeting with all the participants present in the same room. With the difficulties in the increasingly global and mobile modern workforce, having HD video call is the best alternative.

Dialpad UberConference is one of the most effective tools because of the following:

  • Video Conferencing: You can make your meetings more personal with video conferencing wherever your remote staff is in the world.
  • Screen Sharing: Increase remote team collaboration with the screen sharing feature. You or your staff can share presentations or stream videos to keep everyone in the meeting on the same page. Screen sharing during a web conference call can add a visual element to online meetings, enabling everyone in the meeting to understand whether it is the weekly sales metrics or the feedback on the latest designs.
  • Voice Intelligence: This is a built-in AI technology that provides a complete and searchable transcription of your meeting. It can also automate tasks during the call and can capture important moments while compiling a list of action items that you can revisit later after the meeting. The post-call summary can also give you a snapshot of the conference call.
  • Free Conference Calls: You can now make as many calls as you like with unlimited free conferencing. Shall your company require a local dial-in number, you can call any area code in the US and Canada at no additional cost. You can have as many participants as you want without any additional cost to the company.
  • Convenience: You can also add participants in the middle of the call. With just one click, you can invite whole groups to the conference. Does your company have recurring conference calls? You can also set these conferences at the same time every week. Plus, it does not require any PINs or additional downloads so that the meeting participants are never locked out.

Another feature your company can make use of is having custom-hold music. You can make the wait a little more pleasant with motivating hold music. With the Dialpad UberConference, you can select music that participants can enjoy and relax before the meeting begins.

There are also mobile apps, Google Calendar integration, Slack integration, Hubspot integration, and many more!

Our Verdict with Dialpad UberConference Business 

Dialpad UberConference has been life-changing for Huge. Before UberConference, Huge relied on having phone calls with the team. The staff would need to dial in using multiple codes, which increases stress to the staff.

Working with UberConference was seamless. The staff can take a phone call, and at the same time, schedule a call between colleagues wherever they are in the world. Now the team can use one number and let the user dictate what they want.

Dialpad has been our long-time partner and has recommended the power of UberConference to many of our business partners. So, yes, we highly recommend Dialpad UberConference, especially if you have a global company.

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