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Increase Performance Visibility using Mitel Unified Communication Systems

April 19, 2021
Increase Performance Visibility using Mitel Unified Communication Systems-featured image

Stay on top of your game and increase performance visibility across your IP-based telephones using a Mitel UC system – a Case Study

Today’s case study is about one of the leading providers of commercial hygiene products and services in the USA. The company was having issues with reduced voice quality, detecting bandwidth availability, and managing multiple Ip-based telephones. Learn how Swisher Hygiene finds a solution and effectively manages all their business phone systems through a unified communication system from Mitel.

Company Profile: 

Swisher Hygiene was founded by Patrick Swisher, where the goal was to provide cleaning products and services primarily for restaurants and other businesses. It was later bought by entrepreneurs Steve Berrard and Wayne Huizenga for fourteen million dollars.

Steve and Wayne paid Patrick $8 million to obtain the majority of the stakes in the company. It was followed by operating Swisher as a private company that lasted until November 2010, when it became publicly traded. This resulted in Swisher purchasing 54 different businesses valued at $220 million.

In this age of Coronavirus, businesses have to ensure cleanliness, not only for their customers but also for their staff. This creates even more demand for companies like Swisher. The company has been proactively promoting programs that will be deemed effective in combating the virus.

Swisher has created guidelines for hospitality, restaurants, education, housing, and the hospital industry, with solutions ranging from degreasing, disinfection, floor care, hand hygiene, and housekeeping. They take care of places such as the back and front of the house, laundry, and restroom. Their staff also uses their new products such as Swisher liquid flatware presoak, citrus crème aerosol air freshener, and enzymatic drain treatment.

Excellent Service and Communication

Swisher has over a thousand employees assisting more than 30,000 customers. Currently, it is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. They also have remote sales and support locations throughout the country.

The company has prided itself on excellent client communication thus making sure that its voice, data, and consumer operations are running smoothly in all of its locations. Swish relies on a trusted advisor who will make sure that their business communication systems are at their best when it comes to business phone systems.

The trusted advisor has achieved Mitel’s Voice Virtualization Specialist certification and has been their partner for businesses across the USA. A well-established company like Swisher needs a reputable consultant who can understand their business communication needs.

The Challenge of Managing Different Business Phone Systems

The Cost of Traditional Business Phone System.

Swisher initially used the traditional business phone system to manage their call flow. This resulted in issues such as increasing costs. Traditional telephone services are usually built on aging copper wire infrastructure that can only accommodate limited data transfer speeds. Calling from a mobile to a landline and vice versa has higher call charges whether you call domestically or internationally.

Landlines do not deliver the best voice quality. 

Landlines used to be better than the cellular phone when it comes to voice quality. However, with the recent years’ development, this is not the case anymore. As long as you have a stable internet connection, voice quality works better than a landline.

Limited accessibility with the existing communication systems.

Swisher needed a better business phone system that will work for their remote locations and staff. The problem with a landline is if you are not on your desk, you will miss the call from essential clients. Swisher wanted to have a phone system accessible even if the staff is not in the main office.

Analog phone systems do not support multi-tasking. 

When a staff missed a phone call, landlines can’t effectively record who called. The call will not be forwarded to the next possible team who can assist, and there was no data recorded. The call will be simply missed. If mobile phones can do more nowadays, why can’t a business phone system?

What is Mitel Unified Communications (UC) System?

The consultant recommended Mitel Unified Communication (UC) solution to Swisher. A Unified Communication and Collaboration refers to an integrated technology environment where a variety of integrated business communication tools are working together for more effective use of the business phone system. This has guaranteed to increase productivity and efficiency.

It can be deployed via Public cloud, UCaaS, Cloud-based UC, and hosted VoIP. A UC solution has an endless list of components that can improve collaboration solutions. It includes voicemail, presence indicator, char tool, group chat tool, team collaboration tool, and screen sharing.
Here are the major benefits of Unified Communications to your business phone systems:

Unified communication systems reduce time wasted. 

This provides your employees instant information on whether their coworker is available to connect via voice, IM, or video or not. By knowing this information, the staff can automatically work on finding the next person who can assist the client.

UC system connects remote employees. 

It connects geographically dispersed employees – those who are not in the headquarters. UC bridges the geographical distance, and that means employees can work in multiple locations.

Unified Communication provides freedom of choice. 

This strategy allows the employees to communicate the way they prefer. Employees can eliminate a specific device and can be in a set location. Organizations who switched to UCC tools report a 20 – 25% increase in productivity.

Increase Performance Visibility using Mitel Unified Communication Systems-Testimonials

Impact of Using Mitel Unified Communication Systems

Without a doubt, VoIP technology has changed the course of business communication. It reduces the cost of communications between Swish Headquarters and its multiple remote locations.

Mitel’s Unified Communication Systems have solved all of Swisher’s dilemmas, from providing an effective cost reduction, bringing a better level of flexibility in managing multiple Ip-based telephones and overall operational efficiency for the business particularly in supporting remote work set-up. With the Mitel UC system facilitating improved collaboration, it opens up capabilities such as document sharing, visual support of phone calls, and messaging. The voice quality has been solved as well. VoIP systems have improved the voice quality versus its traditional competitors.

In summary, here’s how Mitel helped improved Swisher’s Business Phone Systems:

  • Cost Saving and Effective Communication

With long-distance calls eliminated, VoIP phones are more effective. Swisher can save a lot of money from communicating between different locations. 

  • Mitel UC has allowed Swisher’s staff to work remotely

With Swishers operating across the United States, a stable call flow is needed. All Swishers need to ensure is the stability of their internet, and the fear of missing a customer’s call is gone. Money saved is money earned.

  • Swisher’s call flow can now be monitored 24/7

Remote locations mean multiple regional internet service providers and several types of connections. This also means there might be potential network issues. Thus, the ongoing uptime of the Mitel business phone system plays a significant role in delivering excellent service. Mitel acknowledged this issue, wherein the solution is to install MarWatch, a software that secures remote access to networks around the world. It operates 24/7, while it monitors the performance and availability of all the equipment and applications of Mitel Unified Communications. If issues are detected, MarWatch alerts the company right away.

Overall, Swisher Hygiene can have peace of mind. Mitel Unified Communication Systems solved all their business phone system problems from cost reduction to every support the company needs. Brian McSweeney, System Administration Manager IT of Swisher Hygiene, stated that the MarWatch system had provided the company confidence in the reliability of business phone systems.

With the help of MarWatch, the company can avoid any downtime and disruption in its services. Additionally, it secures access to remote locations and eliminates the cost of onsite visits for troubleshooting.

MarWatch can also pinpoint the cause of an issue, so the team can find the culprit and solve the problem right away. It is deployed in about a thousand enterprises and service provider networks around the world. It is also the leading industry when it comes to the Mitel UC system’s depth of visibility.

Another benefit of MarWatch is its capability to monitor IP handsets when connected to MiVoice Business. It can offer an inventory of all remote IP telephones from the status of in-service, disconnection, unconnected or unprogrammed. The system has proven to be the best solution of choice when it comes to monitoring Mitel IP phone systems.

Is Mitel the best VoIP phone system for your business? Get in touch with us to check if your business is suitable for Mitel’s UC business phone system. We’re proud to be partners with Mitel for years, and it never ceases to solve communication problems for our clients. As you may find in the rest of our case studies, having the best business phone system can make your call flow smoother and brings in more business. 

We at Call Flow Solutions are always committed to serve big and small businesses around the world. We understand what every business communication system is different. Save your precious time with a single discovery call and learn what’s best for you, your team, and your business.  

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