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Unified Communications Solution for Remote Workforce

May 17, 2021
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How to Successfully Manage a Remote Workforce?

Is it possible to successfully operate a remote workforce? Absolutely! DavLong Business Solutions has been working remotely even before the pandemic. Let’s go back to its humble beginnings to the company it has become and how did RingCentral’s unified communications solution help in its success.

When the pandemic happened, a lot of companies were caught off guard. Suddenly, it is impossible to go to the office and operate the business altogether. There has been a sudden need to rethink the way we think about office work. Suddenly, the world needed to restart and evolve its 9-5 work culture and prepare for a remote work system. The pandemic also taught the world that it is possible to run a company smoothly, even from your own home’s comforts.


Company Profile: DavLong’s 40 Years of Service

To better understand the company’s current operations, let’s deep dive into how the company has evolved. DavLong Business has been in the healthcare industry since 1983. It’s current headquarter is in Savannah, Georgia, and now with over two hundred employees.

When it started thirty-five years ago, its sole purpose was to provide computerized business solutions, which was narrowed down to focus on the Medical industry. The main service took the form of automating the billing and practicing management components of practice. The company ran a business focusing on installing and supporting practice management systems, which became the natural path of the company for evolution.

A decade later, the company installed its first fully integrated Electronic Health Records (HER) and Enterprise Practice Management (EPM). The company became the pioneers of these systems, and with their own experiences, they fine-tuned other implementation process elements, resulting in hundreds of successful installations.

In 2015, the company launched a Revenue Cycle Management Division, involving many products and services that can help manage claims, payments, and revenue generation. With their products, a hospital can check the eligibility of their patient insurance and collect fees, properly coding claims, estimating a patient’s due, tracking claims – anything to do with A/R management.

Advanced Process Automation

The main part of the Revenue Cycle Management Division commits to improving practice profitability. With the help of DavLong automation products, advanced software, and analytics reporting, they assist their clients in optimizing the billing process and its efficiency. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, each client is assigned to a particular billing team with an allocated team leader as a direct point of contact.

With a headquarters in Savannah, Georgia, the company has been supporting physician group clients across the USA. Their current team includes seasoned managers, software programmers, experts in billing and collection, medical coders, hardware and systems technician, expert support, and training personnel. The latter is a vital part of its success. Thus, DavLong works closely with every physician and staff member to correctly operate the software, hardware, data requirements, and other aspects.

Strong Management Team

The management team is also another key to its success. DavLong is run by a highly motivated management team who can make efficient decisions daily. They also boast a strong relationship with their user base and makes sure that they are acutely in tune with the market. Shall there be a need for a new procedure or a workflow routine, any changes on the interface that would impact their clients, the demand is quickly adjusted.
DavLong also ensures that they are incredibly responsive to ensure that their customer service remains top-notch for years to come. There is no wonder why the company has become a trusted technology provider to the medical industry.

The Medical Industry and Growth Strategy

With the need to focus a hundred percent on their patients, paperwork should be the most minor concern in modern medical practices. Hundreds of medical procedures entrust their backend administrative work to the company because DavLong understands how the medical industry works. Their aim is for medical practices to thrive with their range of services.

What makes DavLong different from many young companies who rush in launching new products to the market, hoping to find its customers, is that it spends time and effort patiently studying various industries. They spend their resources checking where else the company could add value and solve real-life problems.

After careful research, they found that doctors needed help in automating all kinds of administrative tasks from billing, appointment scheduling to management of patient information. Just after a few years of its launch, the company became a successful small business.

Knowing how to help the medical industry took more years of study. A year after the Institute of Medicine issued its goal for doctors to transition from paper-based patient records to digital records, the company was already installing one of the earliest fully integrated HER and practice management solutions.

The Next Level Communication System

The company continued its studies and found that small practices still had trouble when it comes to billing and collections. This results in assembling the most effective billing-management software in the medical industry. DavLong’s second phase strategy was activated – acquiring other medical billing companies and growing a world-class team.

The issue that they incur now was how to connect their team of employees from more than twenty states. DavLong stated their need – a unified, user-friendly communications environment.

UCaaS Solutions for Remote Teams

The Chief Financial Officer of DavLong, Dane Tyler, reiterated several reasons to find a modern and unified communication system.

  • Its legacy office phone system was already aging, that it needed to be replaced soon. 
  • There was a plan to transition the entire company to remote working arrangements – even before the pandemic. Although at that time, many of their employees were already working from home. 
  • DavLong was acquiring many companies, and they did not want those new offices to keep their old office phone systems. A centralized environment is needed, making it easy for everyone to connect with the rest of the team. 

To successfully manage a remote workforce, especially with more acquisitions, DavLong needs a communication platform that would keep everyone accessible, connected, and able to function efficiently as a team.

Dane Tyler wanted to know if it is possible to successfully operate as a fully remote company– the answer was a big yes, as they later found out. RingCentral has made that possible.

unified communications solution for remote teams - video conferencing feature
Easy team collaboration with RingCentral’s Video Conferencing feature.


All About RingCentral’s Unified Communications Solution

DavLong solved one of their biggest challenges yet with the help of RingCentral’s Unified Communications Solution. It refers to one environment for phone service, video conferencing, and team management that the company used to onboard many new companies from different states.

Dane Tyler highlighted how it allowed DavLong to transition and onboard in a very smooth way. The company got all of the new offices’ existing numbers and ported it over to RingCentral, and then added the new employees into the directory. The process was so efficient that they could easily connect the new staff members right away.

Simple Integration through RingCentrals Open API

Video Conferencing Feature

The company used the RingCentral Video for team meetings, demos for clients, and training sessions for new employees. It works efficiently because it can invite up to 200 people with security that they can count on. RingCentral’s Video offers more unlimited one-on-one and group video meetings. It is also easy to join – with just a click and can create teams instantly.

Team Messaging using Glip

Another big plus is the RingCentral Glip which DavLong uses for chatting, meeting, and getting work done. All of its staff are in Glip all the time, which works excellent in their operations. Before that, the team used different applications for email, text messages, and phone calls, but with Glip, all these applications are consolidated into one app, making things easier and efficient.

RingCentral Glip is designed for teamwork. It creates an environment for productive, collaborative work. Employees can assign tasks, update stakeholders, and progress with their work in built-in task management.

One App for All Your Remote Working Needs 

DavLong can avoid switching from one app to another. RingCentral unified communications solution can connect to hundreds of other tools such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

RingCentral’s Plug-and-Play Nature

Setting up the team’s communication capabilities at home was the best feature of RingCentral Unified Communication. It makes transitioning into work from home set-up during the lockdown easier, and this gives much relief to everyone working in the company and the clients they supported.

Key Takeaways

Like DavLong, RingCentral also made a lot of research to understand what businesses need for managing a remote workforce. Because they understand this aspect, they can offer a unified communications solution that provided all the tools needed for a remote team to work safely and securely, anytime, anywhere. All of these features make RingCentral one of our recommended partners.

For the healthcare software provider, DavLong, RingCentral connected their staff from all over the country. It helped their company focus on growth and serving their Medical Practice clients.

Have you ever thought of running a remote team? Is RingCentral the right communication system for your company? Find out with a free 30-minute discovery call with us. We at Call Flow Solutions offer unbiased recommendations to make sure your company gets the best office phone system. 


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