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How a VOIP Business Phone System Contributed to a Bakery’s Success

March 22, 2021
Famous Bakery streamlined their communication's infrastructure with the help of VoIP Business Phone System

VOIP Business Phone System for Nothing Bundt Cakes – Case Study

There are always ways to grow and innovate a company. Even an established bakery such as Nothing Bundt Cakes that started in 1997, to continue delighting their customers, have to find ways to improve their operation. Let us go through how a VOIP business phone system has done wonders and contributed to a bakery’s success.

About Nothing Bundt Cakes

Once Upon a Time… The History of Nothing Bundt Cakes

Twenty-four years ago, friends Dena Tripp and Debbi Shwetz combined their kitchens and expertise to find the perfect recipe. And when they joined forces, their success followed. With friends and family asking for more of their delicious creations, both realized to innovate their side business and work on something more.

They both found a gap for delicious cakes that didn’t compromise on the ingredients and tried to fill. The rest is history as their brand grew nationwide. Their vision of perfection made sure that each bakery franchise is filled with warmth and nostalgia from its home-kitchen roots.

The Success Story of Nothing Bundt Cakes

The bakery became a successful concept with more than 350 bakeries across the United States and Canada. Their popular products include the Tiered Bundt Cakes and Bundtlet Towers.

Nothing Bundt Cakes has become one of the best choices for gift and party cakes, with their signature thick frosting petals made of velvety cream cheese and real butter. The choices of their bread range from decadent chocolate cake to classic vanilla – everything’s mouthwatering.

The bakery also has an informative website that allows customers to order online with a choice of delivery or pick-up. It also features a link that let loyal customers check their gift card balance inquiry. Everything is at your fingertips, like the contact numbers of each bakery.

The Dilemma of Nothing Bundt Cakes

Putting your company’s priorities and customers first was the essential key that put Nothing Bundt Cakes on top of the cake game. With hundreds of bakeries under franchise, building an open and honest collaboration is required to maintain the company’s vision.

Vinny Torregrossa, the company’s IT manager, made it her mission to find an effective VOIP business phone system that can serve all franchise stores. In December 2017, she began looking for a new telecom provider.

Nothing Bundt Cakes’ headquarters had already a running VOIP business phone system service during this time, but their franchises remain to have the traditional telephone service.

Vinny also knew that the company must be experienced to ensure smoother integration given the franchises’ location and create more robust support and quality from the providers.

Their IT team at the support office was also very lean, so it would be challenging to manage any type of changes or configurations.

Vinny reiterated that the provider should also have knowledgeable customer support that could apply the basic system consistently every time they open a new bakery location. This is one way Nothing Bundt Cakes supported their franchises by even letting them customize their own features.

The Solution: Finding the Best Business Phone System

There is no doubt that VOIP has capabilities that are far superior compared to traditional telephone lines. But with so many VOIP business phone systems out there and with the clock ticking, the race to find what will suit the company is on.

The longer Vinny Torregrossa searched, the more time was wasted – and they could not afford that. He needed to make the decision as soon as possible.

The IT manager evaluated the driving factors – a reasonable price without compromising the quality. It has to tick all the boxes needed for its company’s success.

If there’s one thing to learn from founders Dena and Debbi, that is never to sacrifice the top priorities.

One day, he landed upon Nextiva, who showed a demo and the back-end configuration. Vinny was so impressed looking at how it is user-friendly. Knowing the bakery owners’ busy schedule, he knew that learning a complicated system would be the last thing in their minds – especially when, through the years, the bakers have always relied on tech support for any kind of configuration.

The great selling points were the interface and the support willing to be provided by Nextiva.


The Decision to Switch to Nextiva

Before making the switch, Vinny Torregrossa carefully examined Nextiva. He needed to figure out how the system works and how it can be applied efficiently to all of their offices and bakeries.

Right after a thorough analysis, the legendary bakery finally decided to switch to Nextiva to become their business phone system.

What drove Vinny to the decision was also the price point. It was really hard to beat, given the versatility of the devices. They also utilize all of their current phones on power-over-ethernet at the corporate office. It was easy to plug and play.

Everyone was happy with the decision to switch to Nextiva.

Call Quality is one of the benefits this company has experience after switching to VoIP business phone system from Nextiva


The Transition into Nextiva

The company officially switched to Nextiva service in February 2018. It started at the Nothing Bundt Cakes corporate office, followed by forty bakery locations.

As of writing, all new open locations have been set up with the Nextiva VOIP phone system.

And how was the transition?

Everyone was pleased after the change from the old VOIP phone system to Nextiva. Everyone notice how the call quality was 100 times better.

For the transition, Vinny highlighted that the implementation was the easiest part. He only needed to send Nextiva their list of users, and all Nextiva had to do was upload them to the virtual NextOS portal. Everything happened efficiently.

The transition from traditional phones to Nextiva also went smoothly in the franchise locations. The employees in the franchises received training from Vinny himself on how to use the system’s basic features. Everyone appeared to be satisfied with the newfound convenience of the NextOS portal.

Here are the other reasons how Nextiva’s business phone system contributed to the bakery’s success:

A Customized System that Fits the Company’s Schedule

With the help of Nextiva, employees can now easily adjust the bakeries’ schedules when necessary. Looking at the legendary bakery’s website, it is well stated whether the shop will be busy or closed due to the holiday season, weather conditions, etc.

The IT manager shared how scheduling was the most crucial feature the whole company relies on. Given customer service rules, no one wants to have a guest waiting for an answer while no one is in the bakery.

Nextiva’s Device Rental Program

One of the best aspects that Nextiva has provided was renting out devices at a reasonable price. The devices were durable and fully utilized.

Innovative Nextiva’s Features

The features Nextiva offered Nothing Bundt Cakes Bakery the ability to customize their features. Nextiva catered the features depending on the needs of the bakery franchise system. Vinny Torregrossa even stated that the new VOIP business phone system’s technology had transformed their corporate office and franchisees’ communication.

Communicating with colleagues and customers has never been easier and simpler. The difference and effectiveness were felt right away.

For example, if a customer called but no one’s available to answer, or if a customer leaves a voice mail, the staff will automatically be notified with an email. Alternatively, the call can also go directly to the staff’s mobile phone. It has been convenient to stay connected with customers wherever and whenever.

The call quality has also improved and one of the most appreciated features from Nextiva. Orders can be easily missed with the traditional phone. This time, however, everyone’s confident because the calls are recorded. There is no need to ask the customers to repeat the information once again. That is the kind of efficiency every business would need in their business.

A Business Phone System with Top-Notch Customer Service

The IT manager also stressed the difference of having a support team ready to handle any issue. That means if any of the bakery owners got a problem, they only have to pick up the phone and speak with someone in support.

He tested the customer service himself, and he experienced positive interactions with Nextiva account and channel managers, support, and implementation. Nothing Bundt Cakes has a designated account manager who is always there to help.

A call to the support guarantees answers, guidance with the following steps, and how to do just about anything. The support will also ensure to keep the end-user in the loop.


The Perfect Recipe of a VOIP Business Phone System

The journey could not have been sweeter for Nothing Bundt Cakes. Fortunately, Nextiva has all the ingredients that make a successful transition from an old traditional phone system to a high-tech, innovative and efficient office phone system.

Every legendary business has the ability to upgrade, and a tiny improvement can make a lot of difference to the entire team. Customers continue to evolve. The same goes with a company, too, to retain its greatness.

With the help of Nextiva’s support, everyone got comfortable in using the system in no time. Putting your company’s priorities will only make the team happy. And when the team is happy, the customers are also happy – a win-win!


Call Flow Solutions proudly work with Nextiva. If you want to know the best phone system for your company, let’s discuss it. Otherwise, read more of our case studies here that show how a suitable VOIP phone system can improve businesses worldwide.


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