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VOIP Workflow API with Ring Central

May 10, 2021
Workflow Automation for Small Business - A Case Study

How VOIP Workflow API with Ring Central helps this business automate its processes while still providing its human touch. 

24 Hour Tees, a fast-growing shirt design company in the US, succeeded in improving customer experience and expanding business operation through RingCentral API’s workflow automation. Let’s deep dive into their story of success and see if this can be your company’s story too.

Company Profile: 24 Hour Tees

24 Hour Tees was founded in 2013 in Kearney, Nebraska, by Chais and Shawna Mayer. The main goal is to produce high-quality shirt printing within 24 hours for a small order of 1 – 19 pieces and within a week for quantity orders of 20 to 1,000+ pieces.

Its services are all about shirt design customization that provides the opportunity to everyone, even without the artistic experience, to express themselves. If you have an idea for a shirt design and don’t know how to execute it, their team of six people can help you.

Because they are so few, each member of the progressive, carefree, fun-loving, and hardworking team has probably touched every piece of apparel they produce. Their team has been growing every few months with new local partnerships and the fantastic designs added to their online shirt catalog.

Another thing that the business has always aimed for is progression – they will do any means possible to provide the best customer experience and to produce a high-quality product that they can be proud of. They aim to build a collaborative, simple, and delightful customer experience.

After all, the 24 Hour Tees company has been in business to make life more enjoyable – that’s how the founders would call their purpose. They view the creation of tees as a way to express, celebrate and engage positively.

Their strategy worked. In just a few years since it was launched, the small business has grown from a boutique service handling small orders to a sophisticated print design house that can fulfill corporate orders for thousands of customers.

Quality Service and Top-Notch Customer Experience

What is success for 24 Hour Tees? As long as the team can provide quality service and are happy with their work, they can consider themselves successful.

The company’s mission was to make the process of designing and ordering shirts smooth and fun. Founder Chais reiterated that as the company grows and gets more frequent orders with complex designs, it can be tricky to fulfill the said mission.

Indeed, every company that aspires to grow must explore other ways to make the business more flexible, sustainable, and personalized to fit every customer’s needs. And so, upon reviewing their operation, one of the ways that 24 Hour Tees explored was automation. 24 Hour Tees needed to automate the processes so they could handle the increasing demand without confusing or making things complicated for the customers.

Challenges in using Legacy Phone Systems: Process Automation

As the company started, Chais and Shawna set up their office with a few landlines that provide standard service from the telephone company. The existing office phone system was all right initially as the business was still small by then.

However, as 24 Hour Tees grew, the telephone services they availed were no longer helpful because it did not give them the flexibility they needed in their business communication. There was no option to automate any of the processes, thus the telephone system fails what it was required to do.

VoIP Workflow API with RingCentral 

RingCentral is a complete, global cloud communications and collaboration solution designed for helping companies around the world. What makes it great are the following features:

  • All-in-one Intuitive Platform 
    • RingCentral boasts one intuitive platform for voice, video meetings, team messaging, collaboration, and contact center. Its features that can help business efficiency include one-click video conferencing that everyone can readily access anytime, anywhere.
    • They have a user-friendly platform that works seamlessly across office sites and mobile devices. Setting up and deployment can be managed by their IT team from anywhere in the world.
  • Global deployment
    • You can expand your team and increase your company’s productivity because RingCentral can activate international numbers right away in over a hundred countries. They can provide local numbers that offer free inbound calling.
    • Your company will also have a dedicated technical account manager and customer success manager to ensure 24/7 support and implementation of what is necessary.
  • Secure and reliable
    • Experts in the company continuously and proactively monitor the platform to ensure that the service is kept at the highest level possible.
  • Integrates with apps
    • The open API platform enables apps such as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Okta, and Zendesk. RingCentral can integrate these business apps to improve business productivity. It is also possible to custom build your platform.
  • Flexible connectivity
    • Numerous connectivity options can ensure the best voice quality given your company’s existing infrastructure. It can connect via MPLS, broadband, SD-Wan broadband, or mobile.
  • Cost savings
    • With the all-inclusive monthly pricing, you can get a saving up to 30% off. It includes one bundled, global cloud-based solution so you can forget about costs associated with video conferencing or any third-party add-on services.

With the above features, you can empower your business globally using the leading cloud communication solution, RingCentral.

The Benefits of Phone System Automation for small business - based on case study

Benefits of Phone System Automation

Effective Call Flow:

With RingCentral VoIP Workflow API, the entire office phone system only has one number that can be used for voice calls and texting. This means that when a customer places an order on the website, the customer will get a generated confirmation text message from the same business number. 

Third-party app Integration:

RingCentral’s API is also integrated with other apps, for example, a shared to-do app. Once a new order comes in, a new to-do list is generated to ensure all necessary actions are completed and that each customer request gets dealt with efficiently

Business Process Automation:

24 Hour Tees also created an automated text message that is specific to their fundraiser-based orders. Thus, when a customer places a shirt order for a fundraiser, the customer will receive a confirmation and a message letting them know how much they have raised and how far they are from their goal. This way, the customer knows that 24 Hour Tees understand how vital their orders are and how it’s a priority for the company. The customer feels special, and the company does not have to sweat because it was automatically generated for them. 

Automatic Messaging:

24 Hour Tees also utilizes artificial intelligence to send relevant, customized messages to the right people at the right time through the RingCentral API. For example, suppose a customer asks a specific question such as the order status. In that case, the system will automatically research the database according to the phone number that sent the message. 

Streamlined Workflow:

With the information generated, the staff can immediately respond with a pre-written note using the 24 Hour tees “tone”. It does not have to be rewritten by any of the team. It is unnecessary to hire another staff to work as a call center representative just to answer questions. Founder Chais also commented that he had eliminated the need to hire four full-time employees because of the RingCentral API.

Mobility and Flexibility :

RingCentral has also allowed 24 Hour Tees to have full-time employees doing remote work from countries such as Mexico and Palestine. Because of the RingCentral apps connected on their desktops and mobile phones, it was easier to communicate. Their staff does not have the be in the same office. Some of the team can even work from home with the use of the updated phone system.

It was terrific how workflow automation brought by RingCentral API makes business processes more efficient and smoother. It has improved internal communication whether you have a small business with less than ten staff or a big company with hundreds of employees.

RingCentral’s Automation and Future Expansion

The good news is that the company is continuously growing. Chais, Shawna, and the rest of the team launched a sister company called Screen Print USA, focusing on larger-scale orders for organizations.

24 Hour Tees plans to run both companies using the same team and the same resources. It is only possible because of RingCentral’s VOIP workflow API that increases the company’s capacity without the need of adding extra staff.

There is still a lot of growth potential, and we suspect that even if they add another sister company to the brand, the same team will be able to handle it without a doubt.

Key Takeaways 

RingCentral has ticked all small business’ essentials from remote work, workflow automation, efficiency, and smooth communication. It is one platform that covers all of your company’s conversations, from video and team messaging, business phone systems to contact centers.

Because it has everything you’ll need to get work done, all in one place, we’ll probably give it 10 stars rating if we can.

Is RingCentral right for your business? Schedule a  free 30-minute discovery call with us. We at Call Flow Solutions offer unbiased recommendations for scaling up your company through phone systems with our expertise.

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