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Imagine how much time you could save with an effective call flow solution that navigates your callers to exactly where they need to reach. With a call map and VoIP plan from Call Flow Solutions, you can ensure your customers reach you as quickly as possible and start your customer service relationship on a positive note. Our team of experts creates efficient phone systems and partners with a range of VoIP providers to give you the best experience, lowest possible cost, and the best terms of any VoIP provider.

Call Flow Solutions works with popular voice-over IP providers like RingCentral, Dialpad, Nextiva, 8x8, Mitel, Twilio, and more. We'll design a call flow solution for you free of charge and are always ready to offer you free expertise and service. We work with our vendor partners to find you the lowest possible VoIP phone costs with the best experience.

Through Call Flow Solutions, your business can gain countless benefits:

  • 30 Minute Simplified Process
  • Any combination of desk phones, tablets, or mobile apps in a single design free of charge
  • Save precious time with a single discovery call
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Navigating You to the Perfect
Office Phone System Design

Call Flow Solutions has more than 40 years of combined experience in creating phone navigation systems and connecting clients with VoIP phone plans. With the right VoIP and a well-developed call flow, you can turn your phone system into a finely tuned machine that takes the guesswork out of customer navigation and increases customer satisfaction. Each of our solutions is formatted to include every element of an effective call flow.

  • Greeting
  • Location
  • Compassion
  • Transitions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Call recapping
  • A strong finish

With all of these elements combined, you can ensure customer satisfaction and minimize confusion and call length. At Call Flow Solutions, we take a start-to-finish approach to creating and implementing your phone system. Take a look at our process below.


We meet with you and your team to review all necessities and wished for the perfect phone system. Our experienced advisors take the time to learn your business ensuring that our recommendations fit your company's interests.

Design the Call Flow

Our Call Flow engineers have a wealth of technical and industry knowledge. We design call flow paths that will make the company's call process easier and the client's experience with your company a smooth one.


Our job doesn't end with a recommendation or design. We are with you throughout the implementation process, ensuring that the plan comes to fruition. We project manage and check the work so you don't have to.

Our VoIP Process

To find the best VoIP phone plan solution for you, our team will start the design process with a session where we will design a map for seamlessly connecting you and your callers. Each of our call flows is highly customized to reflect your services’ unique needs and ensure that your calls feel highly personal and compassionate. To accommodate you in an ever-changing world, we’ll work to find solutions that adapt to your schedule and change the call map accordingly.

After we’ve designed your ideal call flow, Call Flow Solutions will find you an IP voice phone with the lowest possible cost and the highest possible quality. We’ll manage the entire implementation of your call system until the last connection has been made. Our technicians understand what equipment will work best for your call flow system, and we’ll be here to assist you throughout the entire system setup.

To learn more about how Call Flow Solution can assist you by designing a call flow system or finding a VoIP partner, schedule a meeting or contact us online today.

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