5 Reasons Why So Many Businesses Use IP Phones

September 25, 2021
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VoIP enables companies to have phone services over the internet rather than a landline, allowing them to interact with people internationally at a considerably cheaper cost. 

While organizations are busy migrating written communications to the cloud, many are also seeing the benefits of migrating telecoms to the cloud. Reduced operational and capital expenses, as well as better business continuity and flexibility, are just a few of the advantages of switching from traditional phone systems to internet-based solutions. 

The advantages of VoIP greatly surpass those of a conventional phone system. In this article, we’ll go over how VoIP works and how it may help your business.

Listed below are reasons why your company should consider moving to VoIP:

Why You Should Use VoIP Phones Reason 1 It’s more affordable than traditional phones

Why You Should Use VoIP Phones Reason #1: It’s more affordable than traditional phones

Voice over Internet Protocol considerably decreases operational and capital expenses in telecommunications. Leaving traditional telephone companies’ expensive telephone infrastructure and industry rules equals lower capital expenditures (and monthly fees). In return, VoIP provides substantially reduced operational expenses than conventional telephone providers. 

If you make many calls or often call long distances, you know that payments for telephone charges can be an enormous cost, especially if you start adding more features and lines.

With VoIP, your call rate is frequently lower, saving you money through reduced monthly prices. The costs are also reduced since you won’t have to install additional lines for each bureau or cubicle. As long as an Internet connection is available, an existing phone may frequently just be connected to an adapter, and calls are made.

Remember, though: Moving to the cloud, IT services, and IT support are necessary for your VoIP provider to maintain communication.


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Why You Should Use VoIP Phones Reason #2: More features than nearly all traditional phones 

Frankly, all VoIP solutions now provide traditional telephone systems that are not up-to-date. Besides advanced features such as the usual auto-call distribution, voice mail, call logs, video conferencing, voicemail to email integration, etc. are also included in VoIP systems.

In addition to voice conversations, several VoIP applications render greater ease of use for such features as video calls, video conferencing, and even sharing screens using automated answering services.

Many VoIP systems also have chat capabilities integrated with the service for those who don’t have a phone – say someone who is out on-site or who works in a bruised environment.

In other words, the communication from a system is wider and may significantly help with cooperation. 


Reason to Use VoIP Phones Reason #3_ Endless integration options

Why You Should Use VoIP Phones Reason #3: Endless integration options

IP telephone systems already speak the same language as your call center software, opening it to many different uses. Take a very straightforward example: just click dial.

You can search a customer’s account with CTI and click on their telephone number in your CRM software to start a call. It makes a very big difference when it comes to increasing productivity for your team, especially when you have a small support team.  This difference is enormous if you manage an entire call center.

Other use cases are more complex. Consider the same integration of telephony and CRM, but this time for inbound calls. The CRM can detect caller telephone numbers and provide proactive guidance on why a specific caller is dialing in. This can result in a far better call routing experience for your customers and a process flow that delights your ideal customers.


Reason #4_ You Don’t Even Need to Use a Physical Phone

Why You Should Use VoIP Phones Reason #4: You Don’t Even Need to Use a Physical Phone

If your company employs remote workers, a VoIP system is an excellent product because it is not confined to a single physical location. All of the services are available to employees from the convenience of their home office or, if on a work trip, from their hotel room. 

If your company is out of reach and you need to move your location, there is no need to worry: your VoIP will accompany you wherever you go and you won’t have to deal with the problem of contacting telephone companies to transfer services.

Many companies place a premium on mobility. A VoIP phone system has the benefit of allowing enterprises to be as mobile and portable as feasible. You may link mobile users as well as desk-based users to your phone system by employing a VoIP network.

VoIP’s portability benefit is perfect for organizations with on-the-road employees or home workers, because they may connect directly to your VoIP telephone system via your VoIP network.


Why You Should Use VoIP Phones Reason #5_ Easy Conference Calls 

Why You Should Use VoIP Phones Reason #5: Easy Conference Calls 

The modern communication standard is VoIP. It characterizes today’s environment and communications. One advantage of switching to a VoIP telephone system is that it allows your company to take advantage of the best that contemporary communications systems have to offer, such as a diverse feature set, HD voice, and cheaper costs.

VoIP phones have more functions than conventional phones. They can be used to easily e-fax papers, which is very useful if you operate remotely. Multi-person conference calls are possible, generally at no extra cost and with no effort. 

You can have video conferences with customers or coworkers.  In most situations, you may transmit other media types while on the phone, such as transferring photos, text, or video to the folks on the other end of the line.

All the modern functions you receive on today’s phone services plus more can be found on your IP phone.  These include caller ID, contact lists, e-mail, virtual numbers, and much more. 

You can quickly send messages or voicemails to colleagues, or read a voicemail transcription in your email. All of these capabilities are linked. It can make your business work much more efficiently and smoothly.


5 Reasons Why So Many Businesses Use IP Phones - Keypoints

Key Points

If your company is ready to take the next step in effective communication with clients, potential customers, and internal conversations, you should think about using a VoIP service.

Having a business phone that is not linked to a particular desk or telephone can provide your company with independence and efficiency. Instead, you may use your business line from any location where you have an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop.

The benefits of VoIP greatly exceed any possible downsides. However, before deciding whether Voice over Internet Protocol is suitable for your company, be sure your bandwidth and internet connection is powerful enough to handle the service. 

Phone quality and internet strength will be poor and potentially unreliable if bandwidth or internet strength is low. One line for phone conversations and another for the internet is advised to improve VoIP and maintain excellent communications.

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